Onscreen Marking System

Difficulties faced while working with older Marking evaluation system.

  • Inconsistency in handling the answer sheets:

  • All the answer sheets transported and distributed manually on the centres for the evaluation. With this process there is chance of misplacing answer sheets knowingly or unknowingly. This can create the big trouble for the responsible people as well as student to.
  • Problem in handling revaluation:

    In traditional method of evaluation, it is tedious for getting out answer sheet and scanning it in order to issue to the student to revaluate it.
  • Long time to declare the result:

  • The older marksheet evaluation method spans month and there are also chances of delay in evaluation for various reasons. for doing all the things.
  • Security Issue:

  • Additional security measures have to be manually taken by an assessment to maintain the secrecy. For doing that expenses of man power also increase. Extra time required for doing all the things.

What are the benefits of using Onscreen marking system (OSM)?

On screen marking (OSM) Software – It is a new era solution to the marking system. On screen marking is the besets solution for the evaluators to evaluate the mark-sheet. It will give help to the evaluators in many ways and will reduce the difficulties of tredionational method of evaluation. Few of them we are mentioning below.
  • Evaluator can process the marksheets on-line.
  • Not much traveling is required to the evaluators.
  • Result declaration process will become faster.
  • Accuracy of marking will increase.
  • Identity of the student will be hidden
  • Chances of committing the mistakes will become 0 as total work will be done by using the software.
  • Unchecked Question will be prompted on evaluator’s screen it will shows the completeness of Onscreen marking system.
Important thing in OSM is to ensure that each answer is evaluated along with diagrams, graphs and answer keys to do evaluation. Easy revaluation process annotation to provide remarks and marks with each question. On- screen marking software can be accessed by only authorized people. And the best part of it is that evaluator can do it from anywhere. Scanned document will be saved on the server with the coded security and the uploaded documents will be in .jpg format without student role numbers. The scanned answer sheet will be available on the On- screen marking system and their sheet assign by the admin to the evaluators.

How OSM does work?

Implementation approach:

We have designed the modules or the process for the pilot phase. We usually analyse the existing process. This phase helps user in understanding the working and the process of the software. Based on the feedback of the pilot phase we apply the changes to the system and provides the evaluation phase of the OSM (Onscreen marking system). Our services include activities of the scanning answer sheets, providing the secured Online server to run evaluation software, we will provide the complete support to full fill your OSM related requirements through email and chat.